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Hotelrunners Warmoesstraat 88
We are at number 88

Hotelrunners B.V.

Visit the Hotelrunners B.V. last-minute booking office at::

Warmoesstraat 88
1012 JH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: 0031(0)20-3300233
Tel: 0031(0)20-3304403

Office hours are from 09:00 to 24:00 (CET).


The Hotelrunners B.V. office is located in the center of Amsterdam, within a few minutes’ walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal Station, the main railway station of the city. The train is the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way (18 minutes scheduled travel time) to get directly from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Amsterdam Centraal Station
Our last minute booking office is located only few minutes' walk from the railway station

From Amsterdam Centraal, exit the station from the main entrance at the center of the southern side of the building. Walk straight towards the city center, passing through a large intersection.


Follow the tram lines down a large, busy street (Damrak) towards Dam Square.

A small harbor with canal cruise ticket offices and a tour bus pick-up point will be on the left side of the street.

Turn left at the end of the harbor onto Oudebrugsteeg, walking with the large brick building of the Beurs van Berlage on the right.

Take the second right (where Oudebrugsteeg ends) onto Warmoesstraat, which is a pedestrian street that runs parallel to Damrak.

The Hotelrunners B.V. last-minute booking office is at Warmoesstraat 88.

  Warmoesstraat Amsterdam
The Warmoesstraat at the Dam

Hotelrunners B.V. can be reached by telephone as well: 0031(0)20-3300233 or 0031(0)20-3304403. It is also possible to reach Hotelrunners B.V. via e-mail: You can also contact us through your guest account.

Bicycles at Amsterdam rail way station
Bicycles at the station

To call Hotelrunners from a stationary phone (landline) outside the Netherlands, first dial your country’s exit code (international direct dial code), which is the code needed to get a connection outside the country.

For most countries in Europe, the code is 00, and for the United States, the code is 011.

Next dial the country code for the Netherlands, which is 31, and then the city code (area code) for Amsterdam, which is 20.

Lastly, dial one of the Hotelrunners office numbers, 3300233 or 3304403.


From within Europe: 00 (exit code) - 31 (country code) - 20 (city code) - 3300233 or 3304403 (Hotelrunners office numbers), so 0031203300233 or 0031203304403. From the United States: 011 (exit code) - 31 (country code) - 20 (city code) - 3300233 or 3304403 (Hotelrunners office numbers), so 01131203300233 or 01131203304403.

Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Centraal, the main entrance

If you are calling from a mobile (cellular) phone outside the Netherlands or from a mobile phone with a foreign number within the Netherlands, use the plus sign (+) instead of the exit code, then simply follow the remaining steps above.


To call Hotelrunners from a stationary or mobile phone with local number within the Netherlands, drop the exit code and the country code, then add a 0 before the city code.

It is not necessary to dial the city code in the case of calling from a stationary phone within Amsterdam. Simply dial one of the Hotelrunners office numbers as it is.

From within the Netherlands: 0 - 20 (city code) - 3300233 or 3304403 (Hotelrunners office numbers), so 0203300233 or 0203304403.

Dam Square Amsterdam
The Dam Square
To make a partial or complete cancellation of your confirmed reservation or to check for the possibility of a reservation update with a cheaper rate, please log on to your guest account or use your reservation summary with your confirmation number and PIN code.
In addition to questions regarding reservations or just general information, we welcome any suggestions, opinions, or even complaints to improve our services and efficiency in finding the best accommodation to suit any budget.
We also appreciate any ideas, recommendations, or technical advice concerning our website. Being properly informed about a problem is the first step towards solving it.
By submitting reviews, ratings, and comments, your feedback will be available for other users to view and may help them in deciding which accommodation best suits their holiday needs. Do your part in becoming an active member in the Hotelrunners community.
Hotelrunners is a growing company, and new job opportunities may be opening in the near future. For those interested in applying for a position at Hotelrunners, e-mail CVs to Please indicate if you are interested in Hotelrunners forwarding your CV to partner hotels in search of staff. Only applicants being considered for a position will be contacted; all other applicants’ CVs will be destroyed after review, unless forwarded to a partner hotel

The only requirement needed to add your comment is a Hotelrunners guest account. The comments are opinions of those who submitted them and do not express the opinions of Hotelrunners b.v.

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Ewa Puchala United Kingdom 1 comments »   15 July 2015  22:44
I been visited on 10 July for three nights and I really liked servise and accomodations. I met men on that time from austarlai He play billard very often and i trying to find contact with Him if that make any sense to anyone..

danny211204 United Kingdom 1 comments »   23 June 2014  14:29
Ive tried to contact you reference booking in april nx yr but the web address you give does not work pls can you kindly get bk to me


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Hotelrunners B.V. is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
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